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Gran Paradiso National Park - Orco and Soana Valleys (To)
01-06-2022 / 30-09-2022

The history of the Gran Paradiso National Park is inextricably linked to the protection of its iconic animal, the ibex.

As early as 1856 King Victor Emmanuel II declared the Gran Paradiso mountains a Royal Hunting Reserve, thus saving the ibex from extinction, which had reduced its population to alarming levels in those years. The King formed a corps of specialised guards and had paths and mule tracks built, which still today form the backbone for the protection of the fauna by the park rangers and form the core of the hiking trails.

In 1919, Victor Emmanuel III declared himself willing to donate the 2,100 hectares of the hunting reserve to the Italian State, provided he created a national park there: on 3 December 1922, Italia’s first national park, the Gran Paradiso, was established, with the aim of preserving for present and future generations the ecosystems of international and national importance of the valleys around the Gran Paradiso massif.

Today, the Park records millions of visitors annually and boasts a network of 850km of trails and ten visitor centres. To celebrate nature, culture, history but also the future of the protected area, the Park Authority has organised a calendar of events to celebrate the centenary all together!

Without forgetting that every Sunday until 28 August (and mid-August), “Walking in the Clouds” continues: the last six kilometres of the Provincial Road leading to Colle del Nivolet, in the Municipality of Ceresole Reale, are closed to private car traffic and can be travelled on foot, by bike or by shuttle bus. A way of experiencing the Park under the banner of gentle tourism, to discover beautiful and unspoilt places on tiptoe, through sustainable mobility initiatives: a Park guide will then accompany visitors who wish to do so along a short itinerary dedicated to a specific theme.


Wednesday 1 June 2022 / Friday 30 September 2022

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