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29-10-2021 / 27-02-2022
Luci d’Artista

“Luci d’Artista” is an artistic and cultural event born in 1998 which, through the medium of light in public spaces, favours the encounter between a large audience and some significant expressions of contemporary artistic sensitivity, becoming one of the most important exhibitions of the City of Torino and acquiring great visibility both nationally and internationally.

The city is illuminated by real works of contemporary art, a classic event of autumn in Torino which again in this edition offers 25 creations.

Since 2018 the City of Torino, through the educational-artistic-cultural project called “Incontri Illuminanti con l’Arte Contemporanea”, has launched a Public Program of Luci d’Artista to promote opportunities for debate, educational and training interventions to approach and understand languages of contemporary art, with the involvement of the City Districts.


Friday 29 October 2021 / Sunday 27 February 2022

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