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Pinerolo area, Pellice Valley and Chisone Valley (To)
01-04-2022 / 30-09-2022
Le Strade dei Forti

Until 30 September 2022, “The Roads of the Forts”, a project that aims to enhance some of the most fascinating and emblematic places in the territory, proposes over 40 appointments including concerts, shows, exhibitions and tours to explore a real borderland - dotted with forts and fortifications designed to divide and defend territories and communities -, to share and learn about this heritage, from the palaces of Pinerolo to the “great wall” of the Fenestrelle Fort, from the legendary Assietta Road to the spectacular landscapes of the 13-lake basin of Prali.

On Saturday 9, the appointment is in Prali, at the Mines Ecomuseum: the adventure begins on board the miners’ little train that takes you to the heart of the Paola Mine - from which talc, the prized White of the Alps, was once extracted - and continues with an enthralling concert by the Pentafiati Ensemble, which performs pieces by Agay, Ravel, Bach, Debussy and Grieg.

On Sunday 10, we move on to Mutin Fort of Fenestrelle for a “Talking Walk”: walking in the mountains will never be the same after having done so in the company of the marching band Bandakadabra, capable of ranging from the Big Band of the 1930s to Balkan fanfares, with incursions into rocksteady, ska and drum & bass, in a continuous dialogue with the public inspired by street art.


Friday 1 April 2022 / Friday 30 September 2022


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