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Almese, Avigliana, Bardonecchia, Bussoleno, Chiusa San Michele, Condove, Giaveno, Moncenisio, Oulx and Torino
29-04-2016 / 08-05-2016
Valsusa Filmfest

The Valsusa Filmfest is a movie and cultural festival about the themes of the recovery of historical memory, the mountains and the defence of the environment, with 15 events in 9 municipalities of Susa Valley (Almese, Avigliana, Bardonecchia, Bussoleno, Chiusa San Michele, Condove, Moncenisio, Oulx), 2 in Giaveno in Sangone Valley and 1 in Torino, screenings of the works selected for the film competition, a theatrical performance (24 April), the “Vertical Cinema” review and other films out of competition presented by the movie directors Nicolò Bongiorno (29 April), Daniele Gaglianone (30 April), Michelangelo Frammartino (25 March), Valeria Mazzucchi and Antoine Harari (19 April), Gabriele Vacis (3 May) and, in connection from Jerusalem, the Palestinian Sahera Dirbas (21 April).

The main guest was Reinhold Messner (26 March), but there are also Don Luigi Ciotti and Mohamed Ba (23 April).

The 2022 programme - from 25 March to 7 May - focuses mainly on the theme of “Communities”, understood as a “model to be followed to restore our ability to think of a different way of living together, to get used to dreaming of another possible world” [Carlo Petrini] or as a “great antidote to the individualism that characterises our time, to the tendency widespread in the West today to conceive of ourselves and to live in solitude” [Pope Francis].

When the call for entries expired on 28 February, over 150 works were submitted for selection at the Valsusa Filmfestival. The competition is divided into 4 sections - Short Films, Making Memory, The Alps, Free Productions - and the screenings of the finalist works will take place between 21 and 29 April in Condove, Giaveno, Oulx and Torino.


Friday 29 April 2016 / Sunday 8 May 2016

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