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Alessandro Martini, an enlightened entrepreneur, and Luigi Rossi, the creative mind whose botanical fragrances tickled the noses of passers-by on Via Dora Grossa in Torino... It was 1863 when their freshly christened partnership took shape in their first vermouth: the Martini® Rosso, whose absolutely secret recipe is as relevant today as it was then.

If the walls of Casa Martini, today in Pessione di Chieri, could speak, they would tell of visionary men, of a fertile land where the art of wine-making meets aromatic herbs, where each bottle contains experience and craftsmanship. So, we invite you to explore the Casa Martini museums with the Discovery Tour or the Privilege Tour, to discover the aromatic plants and ingredients that make its creations unique, the history of the company, anecdotes and curiosities, the production plant... but also to delight your taste buds with guided tastings.

Or take part in the Vermouth Class to understand the balancing act behind the historic vermouths and have fun creating one that is absolutely unique in the world to take home... What about the Cocktail Experience? It means preparing a Martini cocktail together with an expert Brand Ambassador! And there’s also the Virtual Edition for a perfect Martini-style aperitif.

Online booking is required; for in-person activities, sturdy rubber-soled closed-toe shoes are required, as well as a Super Green Pass.


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